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A Late Quartet

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Peter Mitchell is the leader of a quartet who wander the world for many years giving concerts of classical music lovers. When Peter finds out she’s suffering from Parkinson realizes that the days when you could touch the strings and bow accurately without trembling hand, are numbered. Therefore announces that three fellow musicians and start the new season will mark his retirement from the stage.

The news given by Peter destabilize and challenge relations between all four musicians: Daniel Lerner, who is first violin, Robert Gelbart, who is playing second fiddle and the second wife, Juliette, who plays the viola.

Opinions are divided: some believe that Peter’s desire to withdraw must be respected, especially because he, friend, mentor and former teacher of the quartet, lost his wife a year ago; others think Peter gives up prematurely. Robert, who has not played much of a score of the first violin is thinking to leave and he quartet, but Daniel – first violin – assured him that he could not sing without him and his wife, Juliette warns him that his ambitions personal grounds you should divide what they built so many years.

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