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About Last Night

The frothy romantic comedy Say what you did last night, four young people from Los Angeles struggles with the ups and downs love life today. One evening while he was valet our best friend Bernie “big mouth” (Kevin Hart), Danny (Michael Ealy), the eyes meek, meets Debbie (Joy Bryant), a beautiful girl and clever who is as shy as he is when it comes to romance. When the chemistry they reach the critical point, they even jump into bed that night … then the next night … and then another night.
Although they were discouraged and warned Bernie and his best friend Debbie, Joan (Regina Hall), Dan and Debbie tries to build a life as a couple. What the two lovers soon find is that despite good intentions and the true feelings they harbor for each other, their story spontaneous and genuine attraction will soon fall in road races strung on married life and monogamy.
Among sex and dialogues comparing words like “hey, baby” with “and you, what did you do today ?,” or holiday arrangements, not to forget the debate and the implications they bring a pet – – Tell what you did last night put under the magnifying glass modern love relationships, coming up with its own vision -plină humor, romantic and extremely exhilarating – the life of the couple.
A new version of the original film of 1986 with Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, James Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins, the current Tell what you did last night stalks young players on the way to the bar and to the bedroom and into the real world, where All couples are tested.

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