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A unique talent in a generation, Amy Winehouse was a singer who has captured worldwide attention. A jazz artist in the most genuine sense of the word – wrote and sang from the soul, using his musical grace in order to analyze their own problems. The combination of its pure sincerity and his exceptional talent has created some of the most revered songs of the modern era.

Her success came bundled with huge inroads media representatives who, together with her poor relations and poor lifestyle marked the beginning of her tragic decline. Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning in July 2011 at the age of 27 years.

Although sparked controversy before appearing Amy promises to tell a touching story about Amy Winehouse who was beyond the stage.

Asif Kapadia Director (BAFTA winning SENNA) used archive footage and parts have not been made public in order to make this film very modern, exciting and energetic, which highlights the world we live in a special way .

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