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Annabelle Movie

Before Living among demons was Annabelle. Will downright terrified in “Living among demons,” but it is only now beginning to Annabelle. Capable of the most heinous acts of cruelty, Annabelle doll is enclosed in an occult museum in Connecticut, where he receives only visiting priest who blesses twice a month.

John Form to find the perfect gift for his pregnant wife, Mia, a beautiful antique doll, dressed in a white wedding dress immaculately. But Mia will be happy for too long doll, Annabelle.

One terrible night the couple’s home is invaded by a group of Satanists, who violently attacked, leaving behind not only rivers of blood and terror. Satanists have invoked an entity so malevolent that anything they did not compare with the facts that is capable sinister spirit embodied cursed now Annabelle.

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