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Answers to Nothing

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Attorney Kate and psychotherapist Ryan are married, but attempts desperate and futile to become parents and estranged from each other and have determined to lead two parallel lives, the man engaging in an extramarital affair with a young singer Tara and detestându -it because of infidelity came to follow in the footsteps of his father, who left his mother 10 years ago.

Allegra, one of the patients Ryan is the only writer Afro-American team working on the first season of the TV series “Labor Pains” and does not feel comfortable in their own skin, being helped to confront his inner demons by Evan manager club that plays Tara, a dreamer and an incurable romantic, giving the impression that he prepared all his life to become the perfect lover to the woman who falls in love.

Frankie’s best friend Kate, is a divorced cop who is raising one daughter and is responsible for resolving the abduction of a girl of 11 years, being able to separate personal and professional life.

Carter is a professor at the school who teaches the daughter of Frankie and inspired by a video game that can perform heroic deeds, decides to take the law into their own hands and to punish the prime suspect in the abduction of the child, the policeman Jerry, a widower who mourns the recent death of his wife, not taken into custody on the grounds that legal proceedings should be respected.

Drew, one of Kate’s clientele and a former alcoholic struggling parents to court to get custody of her brother was in a wheelchair, wanting to help him to compete in the marathon in Los Angeles.

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