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Biohazard: Damnation


“Biohazard: Damnation” is an animation showing a new story with zombies that kill everything you meet.

The action takes place in the Republic of Glory. A former country of the communist bloc which gained independence, but in subsequent years the country has reached an imbalance total, which led to the formation of two camps: the rich running the country and the poor who do not have no say.

Tired of this problem, the poor rebelled and started a revolution that was rapidly turned into a civil war. Some time after the outbreak of war appeared rumors that are used B.O.W. war, that only beings that are set to kill. These B.O.W. They are created by a parasite sticks to the nervous system and can not be stopped only through the destruction of the brain.

Leon is a secret agent sent there to find out what happens. Shortly after his arrival in the country is captured by the rebels, who were fighting to reclaim land from the rich, and take the first contact with B.O.W. He befriends a rebellious and so reach iradicarea to fight monsters. Leon does not know is that both parties want to use B.O.W. to win the leadership of the country and thus to achieve its objectives: the rebels want a new leadership while capitalists want and more power and wealth.

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