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Casa de mi Padre

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Mexican Armando Alvarez is a vigilante who lived and worked his entire life at his father’s farm, being highly skilled in cattle breeding and care, which is why man has always been on the shoulders which was supported family business.
When father contracted debts that can no longer pay the help of Armando salt younger brother named Raul, who arrives in Mexico with beautiful and passionate his fiancée, Sonia, and claim that business is involved had so successful that can afford to solve the financial problems of the family Alvarez and save the farm from bankruptcy.

The situation is complicated but when Armando falls for Sonia, and is starting an affair with her, and businesses that boast Raul turn out to be illegal, with links to drug trafficking. Soon, Raul Armando goes to war with Onza, one of the most feared leaders Mexicans have a drug cartel and financial problems facing the farm inherited from their father seem trivial compared to those seen once the confrontation with onza.

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