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Cavalleria Rusticana / Pagliacci

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Cavalleria Rusticana
You hear a serenade (“Siciliana”) that Turiddu sings under the windows Lola, his former girlfriend. This Turiddu was married while in the military. To console, Turiddu has found another girlfriend, Santuzza, and vowed to marry her, but looking and promises, returned to Lola. While peasants sing the joy of spring, Turiddu Santuzza asks news of his mother. Many had seen near Lola’s house. Santuzza Asked where he spent the night, then carelessly replied Turiddu react violently. Lola’s an exasperating appearance when he meets Santuzza and Alfio, her husband, tells him everything. Alfio swears revenge. After a brief orchestral Intermezzo, precipitate action. Only completed Easter party, Alfio and Turiddu addresses his harsh words. A final farewell to Mama Lucia’s Turiddu precede confrontation between the two. A woman brings tragic news: Turiddu has been killed.
Act I
Montalto Calabrian village square. welcomes with joy the arrival of peasants troupe comedians. Band leader, Canio announces the crowd that tonight there will be a comedy show, which invites everyone. When Tonio, who because sluţeniei its always play roles jester of comedy, she tries to help Nedda to fall from the cart is pushed aside brutally Canio, who in his jealousy fierce leaves no one to approach his wife saddle. Humiliated, Tonio hardly hide their lust for revenge. peasants comedians invite a glass of wine, to which both respond glad Canio and Beppo. Only Tonio remains one hand. Notes peasants, jokingly, that is probably why he does not come, to be alone with Nedda. On hearing these words, Canio becomes suddenly serious. He agrees to make jokes at the expense of its only when playing on stage, but in life in reality is jealous of Nedda, which even threatens, because lately she was alienated. I hear the bells of the village and villagers heading for their homes. Nedda, left alone, is troubled at his saying Canio, but soon calms down and her soul back to Summary of joy. Tonio waited always find her single moment on Nedda; Now he is coming and he made fiery declarations of love, but she mocks him. When Tonio becomes aggressive and put her in his arms, Nedda casts with lashes. Tonio, at the height of anger, leaves, vowing that he would retaliate. Now appears Silvio, a young peasant who loves Nedda. The two lovers swear their allegiance. Indeed, Nedda is tired of life uncertain comedian and, after a brief hesitation, receives proposal to run away with her lover that night. Their meeting was observed by Tonio, however, that you could run to Canio to capture. Just as the return Nedda and Silvio’s promises that the night will be forever his. Canio is thrown on Silvio angry, but he manages to disappear without being recognized. As with all threats, Nedda refuses to reveal her lover’s name, pull a knife to kill Canio. Tonio Beppo is prevented and that wrest the knife from his hand. However, Tonio advises him softly on Nedda Canio watching her closely, for young peasant comes to representation and will of course be recognized. Canio is left alone. While his soul is distraught because of unbelief wife will still need to play the comedy to entertain the audience and laugh.
Act II
An orchestral intermezzo, based on the area’s main theme Canio and the prologue foretells tragic denouement. The same decor. The villagers gathered in front of the stage set up at the start of the show comedians and anxious waiting. The comedy begins and its action is similar to what happened in reality: Colombina (played by Nedda), knowing that her husband is left waiting for his girlfriend in Harlequin (played by Beppo). He serenaded her on hearing that Colombina makes marks on the window to enter. But in its place is emerging fool Taddeo (Tonio played by a bored silly with his declarations of love, until you drove Harlequin). The meeting of the two lovers is interrupted by the arrival clown (played by Canio), husband Colombini, who arrives just as the Colombina promises her lover Harlequin that the night will be for all of (the same words that Nedda had spoken to Silvio). Initially Canio masters his feelings, but the similarity of situation comedy drama with its own soul makes to forget the role of comedian and the game suddenly turns into reality. He insistently asks Nedda to divulge the name of her lover. Nedda refuses this and try to play on the role of comedy Colombini, pretending to not understand the situation. With rage, Canio threatens with a knife, then seeing her refusal decided and desperate attempt to flee the scene, the knife in his chest implants. At her cries for help, the young Silvio – out among spectators – rushes to the scene, but Canio kills him too. peasants, terrified by the incident, Canio tells a sinister voice: “La commedia è finished!” (“Comedy was finished!”) …

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