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Chernobyl Diaries


“Diaries” tells the story of a group of five young people in search of thrills, venturing into the city of Pripyat contaminated, most of the workers at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. But their brief trip through buildings ghost turns into a nightmare, when young people discover they are not alone in the city. Completely evacuated after the nuclear disaster and remained uninhabited for more than 25 years, Pripyat is the perfect setting for a horror movie shocking.

Image abandoned buildings and dark, long-coated frames in tight spaces and claustrophobic, and tragic elements that evoke real story, however building a creepy atmosphere and terrifying. To emphasize the realism of the story, the production was filmed in Eastern Europe, particularly in locations in Belgrade, Serbia, and the outskirts of Budapest.

Diaries is a film for those who want to live an intense experience to give them the creeps and translate them for two hours in a frightening and terrifying world.

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