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The Cold Light of Day

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A quiet vacation on the sunny coast of Spain turns into a nightmare for Will Shaw (Henry Cavill), a freshly businessman who goes on a holiday with his parents, on a yacht. However it was not in a very good mood because of problems at work, the situation becomes more tense for Will highly critical because of the attitude of his father Martin (Bruce Willis).

But things take a turn for truly dramatic Will go ashore after several hours. When all things lies scattered on a ship finds and signs of a struggle of life and death. Not knowing where his parents are young discovers his family secrets only when it begins to be pursued by criminals in cold blood; government agents who do not give way at nothing to get what they want.

Without any help from the police, even accused of a crime he did not commit and dozens of CIA agents in his footsteps, Will embarks on a desperate race to put together the pieces of the terrible puzzle and save what remained in his family.

MediaPro Distribution brings to the screen an action thriller and suspense laden with explosive situations, The Cold Light of Day, 13 April theaters.

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