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Colonia is a political thriller that has to do with the coup in Chile in 1973, after which President Salvador Allende was overthrown. Military maneuver carried out with the support of the CIA, was a bloody consequences for the population of Chile – he has been called the first “9/11” – but also one of the key moments of the Cold War, foreshadowing the submission by the group of Americans led by neoliberal economists Milton Friedman.
Watson and his Brühl plays Lena and Daniel, two lovers drawn into political turmoil triggered by US involvement in the coup. Lena is forced to join a cult in southern Chilean Colonia Dignidad called, believing that there is kept Daniel abducted by the secret police. “Colonia” is described as a charity mission organized by the preacher Paul Schäfer, but actually hides a lot of secrets. The film is based on a true story.

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