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Cowboys & Aliens

Director Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Iron Man 2) has COWBOY & Aliens, a film-event summer 2011 which goes beyond a classic western, venturing into the world of alien invasion in a unique and spectacular manner. The protagonists are Craig (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace) and Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones series, the Star Wars series) and creative team brings together the biggest names in Hollywood: Steven Spielberg (Jaws, ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, Jurassic Park), BRIAN GRAZER (8 Mile, A Beautiful Mind, American Gangster), Ron Howard (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code), Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek, Transformers) and Roberto Orci (Star Trek, Transformers ).

COWBOYS & Aliens is an action thriller innovator, leading the viewer into the world of the Wild West, where cowboys no longer war against the Indians, but the terror coming from other worlds.

1875 New Mexico. A stranger (Craig) wakes up he does not know anything about the events that brought the town of Absolution, lost somewhere in the desert. The only hint of his story is a strange bracelet that has wrist. The foreigner will quickly discover that the townsfolk of Absolution are not at all welcoming to newcomers and that no one moves without order of colonel Dolarhyde (Ford), who take locals terror with iron hand.

But I fear it’s nothing compared to what it will live when the city will be attacked by terrifying creatures fallen from heaven with breathtaking speed, throwing flashing lights that abduct one by one the townsfolk.

Faced with a dread beyond all would have imagined, only locals who seems headed can help: strange alien bracelet. It realizes he holds a secret that could give the town a chance to fight the forces from heaven. Aided by the mysterious Ella (Olivia Wilde, Tron: Legacy, The Change-Up), strangers thrown a commando made up of former enemies, townsfolk, Dolarhyde, together with his men, outlaws and criminals Chiricahua Apache warriors. Allies who otherwise would not be collected again, they prepare for a life and death battle with an enemy unknown and extremely dangerous.

Along with Craig, Ford and Wilde had met SAM ROCKWELL (Iron Man 2) the role proprietaruluide saloon, Doc, and Ana from Reguera (Eastbound and Down) in the role of his wife, Maria, ADAM BEACH (Flags of Our Fathers) Dolarhyde’s role in aid, Nat Colorado, Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood) in the role of Dolarhyde’s son, Percy; Clancy Brown (The Shawshank Redemption) is Meacham, the preacher of Absolution; Keith Carradine (Nashville) is sheriff John Taggart and NOAH RINGER (The Last Airbender) is his grandson, Emmett.

The script belongs to Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman & DAMON Lindelof (Lost) and MARK FERGUS (Children of Men, Iron Man) & HAWK Østbye (Children of Men, Iron Man), a story for the big screen by Fergus & Østbye and STEVE Oedekerk (Bruce Almighty). The film is based on the graphic novel “Cowboys and Aliens” created by SCOTT MITCHELL ROSENBERG (“Men in Black”), published by Platinum Studios. Grazer, Howard, Kurtzman, Orci and Rosenberg are filmmakers. The creative team includes established names such MATTHEW Libatique (Iron Man, Black Swan), director of photography, Scott Chambliss (Star Trek, Salt), designer, publishers DAN LEBENTAL (Iron Man, Elf) and JIM MAY (The A-Team, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra), costume designer MARY ZOHPRES (Iron Man 2, True Grit) and composer HARRY GREGSON-WILLIAMS (The Town, Unstoppable).

Spielberg are executive producers, Favreau, Denis L. Stewart (Iron Man 2), Bobby Cohen (Revolutionary Road, Memoirs of a Geisha), Randy Greenberg (Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, Meet the Haunteds) and Ryan Kavanaugh (Limitless, Immortals ).

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