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Cymbeline is a film adaptation as one of the finest plays written by William Shakespeare.

The title of Lord called drug trafficking, married for the second time with an evil wife. It plans to kill her husband and seize his fortune by marrying his son Cloten with Imogen, the daughter of his first marriage Cymbeline.

Imogen marries secretly Leonatus Posthumus, an orphan under the protection of the Lord. Angry on hearing this news, the young king had surghiuneşte Posthumus. It retracts into the company of friends, where he meets Iachimo. Together, they make a bet on behalf of Imogen’s fidelity.

At first glance, Posthumus lose the bet, claiming to his friend Pisanio, beloved wife’s murder.

Meanwhile influenced by his wife and Cloten, Cymbeline declares war on the city police from coming out victorious in the end, thanks to the saving of Belarius a minister banished 20 years ago, but remained as loyal Lord, and the two sons, Belarius abducted when they were 2 or 3 years.

Among his prisoners and Cymbeline is Iachimo who is questioned about the ring finger; his response loose a string of events that lead to well completion and acceptance of the entire war Imogen’s marriage with Posthumus.

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