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Despicable Me 3


The team that brought us to the big screens I’m a little bastard, and two of the most successful animates in 2013 and 2015, I’m a little bastard 2 and Minions, coming back to continue the adventures of Gru, Lucy, and adorable Their daughters, Margo, Edith and Agnes, alongside, of course, the sympathetic Minioni.

Steve Carell gives Gru and Dru twins, Kristen Wiig, his wife Lucy, and Trey Parker is the voice behind the most gruesome enemy Gru will face, Balthazar Bratt, a former child-star starred in The 1980s, when he saw a fierce rise, then decay as a protagonist of a TV series that was suddenly canceled.

This summer, in Despicable Me 3, Gru and his new wife, Lucy, fail to remove the newest negative character that threatens humanity, a former television star for children named Balthazar Bratt who was fired in that Decade, and now it’s obsessed with revenge. The Minions hope that Gru will use this opportunity to return to a life outside the law, but when Gru clearly shows that he has withdrawn from that life as a villain, the minions have resigned and have seen their way. Melon, who led the strike against Gru, became their new leader … in all matters. Meanwhile, Jerry and Dave, the two minions who were accidentally absent during the strike, stay with Gru and his family for the rest of the story.

After being fired, Gru feels defeated and struggles to figure out the next move. But when it seems to have fallen, a stranger appears to inform Gru that his missing father has died and that he has a grateful brother named Dru, whom he would love to know.

Shocked, Gru faces his mother, who confesses to having twins. Shortly after the birth of the boys, she divorced their father, and they promised not to speak again, each parent taking a child. Of course, he informs Gru that he has the second choice.

Initially enthusiastic about a brother’s perspective, Gru takes Lucy and the girls to Freedonia hometown to meet his twin brother … but he finds Dru is better than he is in any respect. While Gru is bald, weary and freshly unemployed, Dru has a head full of gorgeous hair, it is charming and has inherited their father’s wealth.

Once Gru realizes that he can make a partnership with his brother and use his father’s very sophisticated gadgets to defeat Balthazar Bratt, he agrees to ally with his twin brother. But when this partnership is tested by brotherly rivalry, they realize the situation is outstripping them, so Bratt proves to be the most challenging vendetta.

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