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Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn

A young warrior joins a group of dragon slayers to defeat a legendary snake. The film is based on a popular online multiplayer game type RPG with over 100 million registered users.

Altera continent “evil lurks in the shadows” and humans and elves are forced to team up to defeat the Black Dragon, which wakes up after a long period of inactivity. The magic came with huge swords, costumes clippings and attractive heroes fighting skills turn them in advance to come HAC terrifying dragon and his army of monsters. The aim is to destroy the jewel that it feeds on power and that it could provide another holder an unbeatable magical power, what would kneel Altera.

Lambert protagonist is a young man with personality and talent unsuspected fighter. Beside him are two dogs thereof – Number One and Number Two – notorious mercenary Barnak, mysterious brothers Gerrit and Argenta, a magician, a princess and a Witch Elf, and agile Liya, a warrior elf that Lambert falls. Group completes Velsekud dark, leader of the Imperial Guard, the secret intrigues devoted a demon elf.

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