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Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury

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“Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury” is a short animation that presents the adventures of Hiccups and dragons. After the huge dragon battle won vichingi village is preparing to celebrate Christmas. Preparations take place fixed before the start of the holiday but all the dragons peace on the island. Meanwhile Hiccups train with toothless dragons when due to migration loses helmet from his mother. Returned to the island toothless realize that he can not go alone and get them to build a new tail enabling it to fly alone.

Hiccups manages to build Stirgul tail and leave. Meanwhile Astrid tries to make everyone forget the dragons but not too fails. Hiccup finds a dragon on the island, chained to not go, and unfortunately it is trapped while the dragon manages to break free so go with it instead of where they migrated all the dragons. Now he does not just have to try to convince their chickens dragonisi to return to the island. While on the island Astrid caused a huge disaster.

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