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Drew Peterson: Untouchable

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Sarmatia police officer Drew Peterson is a compulsive womanizer: he was married three times and now has his eye on Stacy Cales, a much younger woman.

While the relationship with Stacy progresses, the marriage to third wife, Kathleen Savio, ending in a bitter divorce. The latter is found dead, inexplicably, in an empty bathtub.

Shortly after Stacy Peterson to marry and have their first child, his jealousy begins to put his stamp on marriage. Suddenly Stacy disappears, leaving unfinished two children. Peterson insists that she left him for another man, but, after this disappearance, it raises new questions about Kathleen’s death and her case is reopened.

Peterson’s thrive on media attention it: innocence, claiming he announces his engagement to another young woman. But when authorities investigate more closely the circumstances surrounding both cases, ambiguities and mysteries begin to gather. To Kathleen’s death and Stacy’s disappearance tragic just a coincidence?

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