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You can’t outrun God.

Paul and Kim Jordan, two doctors, husband and wife need a drastic change in their lives. They are struggling to find inner peace after the tragic loss of their child. Crushed by grief because their child has unexplained death Paul persuades Kim to abandon their lives of ordinary Americans, escaping from reality and to join a medical mission in Thailand. It seems that their action is only a distraction they need, until Paul is kidnapped by some involving people who need a surgeon to operate on their injured leader.

Kim remains alone in a foreign country trying desperately to find her husband, without having any evidence of what happened. While fighting for survival, Paul wakes up trapped on an island controlled by trafficking gangs and put in a cage alongside Malcolm Andrews, a wealthy Englishman kidnapped for ransom. Paul realizes quickly that his kidnappers ‘ leader who is dying has no hope, so it is somehow forced to examine the fate of eternal

. Both being imprisoned and having nothing to do but having much time for talking, Paul and Malcolm start to filozofeze. While Malcolm is based on belief in God, his courageous, Paul believes that no God would not allow evil to happen also in the world. With life and death in the balance, causing it’s Malcolm Paul to stop to run away from God. When Paul finds his patient’s condition much worse than it could handle him in such primitive conditions remain musing. Realizes that the only hope for both he and Malcolm is to plan the escape. They must trust each other and be more smart than their captors their flight to freedom. Does he realize that Paul trust in God is his only hope of escape and to be present with his wife?

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