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Faces in the Crowd

Milla Jovovich plays Anna Marchant, a young woman who loses consciousness and the ability to see people’s faces. I find that the one who caused the accident is one of the most wanted criminals of the moment, recognized by the fact that they cut the throats of the victims, then crying rape.

Coming in a night home, Anna is a witness to one of psychopathic crimes. In shock, trying to run, but her boyfriend is sounded exactly the wrong time. Pursued by killer falls into water from a height high enough and hits to the head. She wakes up in the hospital unable to recognize people’s faces even more serious than that, it is terrified when he sees that they change whenever his gaze.

Learn stupor to remain whole life with this anomaly, but try various methods to make their life easier. The biggest problem remains the killer’s face recognition as the only person who was able to see him and that could help solve the case. Unfortunately, Anna can not do this as much as they would like, which is why the killer laughs about her, playing all sorts of tricks on him.

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