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Far from Here


Grant and Sophia are a young couple of lovers and newlyweds who want to start a family. Grant is a young writer on the rise, with a first novel published, and Sofia is an engineer without a job and very eager for another opportunity.
When Sofia is offered an employment contract for one year, in a large commercial project in the country of origin, Romania, they decide to postpone plans for family time.
A year later, Grant and Sophia, still living in Bucharest, but their relationship is in trouble, and haunted by unfulfilled promises. Sofia, after nearly a year of the project, is now a being sure of herself and ambitious, thriving and prosperous. Grant, all this time, he tried to write novels but without success, turning into a dark and gloomy person and great financial problems because they do not comply with the contract for the second book, still unwritten.
When a tragedy strikes the family of Grant, he asks Sophie to return with him to America. Sofia career is when you choose the detriment partner. The two split up, and Grant returns to America. After his departure, Sofia discovers she is pregnant, and in a desperate effort to repair the relationship with Grant, begins to neglect his career. while Grant begins to deal with the realities of their situation, Sofia is forced to examine their priorities and consider your choices.
Finally, she decides he loves and appreciates most in life.

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