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For more than 60 years, the fastest riders in the world have the same dream: to win at the highest level: Grand Prix. Most of them lasts several seasons. Few marks 10 years or more in this competition, and some only a few times. Most go. Some do not. Safer than it was, but how can you be sure you go wheel to wheel at 320 km / h? People die doing it. But most live.

From over 700 pilots in 1949, all brave, all quick and almost all destined to fail at the last threshold, in 60 years only 24 drivers have won the World Title. Few of them more. Only two men have won more than 5 titles each. Giacomo Agostini, active during the 60′-70 ‘crown champion won 8 times. Valentino Rossi and … En route to the 7th World title in 2009. How many races? How many championships can win? It is the greatest of all time? History will decide.

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