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The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

The film is based on the legend of a Chinese Ming dynasty general. Chow Wai On is a defender of justice, a former imperial commander who together with a group of rebels fighting against corrupt topped empire. Empire is led by eunuchs who have experienced a strong rise in power at the time. Power is concentrated in the hands of one man. This by its Governors has full control of the state. Officials honest officials are persecuted, faking them the various illegalities are sentenced to death. Western District had the greatest influence in the Empire by its governor and Yu Hua Tian especially by deputy head of the district was half spirit, half man and possess superhuman powers. On Wai Chow’s goal is preventing forces who serve on Yu Hua Tian to nab a huge treasure hidden somewhere in the desert sand in the ocean. Almost all the action of the film takes place in an inn in the middle of the desert. Here imperial agents, a group of barbarians and Chow Wai On revealing the location of the treasure waiting to be held with the onset of huge sand umei tornadoes.

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