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A military demarcation line should be drawn jointly to determine the border between North Korea and South, but the parts do not fall any agreement because Aerok hill, a very important strategic point for discussions of cessation of war.

This deal came to be won and lost by one of the two warring forces with breathtaking speed. When officer training South Korean Kang Eun-Pyo make a remark about the purge of communists and traitors of dealing Southerners, it is sent to the Eastern Front for finding and exposing an alleged traitor within the company Alligator, a company that has just lost Aerok new hill after a day in favor of the North and whose captain was killed, but a gun used by South Korean officers.

Kang must accompany the new captain who is sent there in Cayman camp on the eastern front, where he reunited with a former fellow student, Kim Soo-Hyeok, which it believed dead in battle.

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