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For a Good Time, Call…

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After separating from loved Lauren Powell needs a home, so her boyfriend gay Jesse thinks about him a present Katie Steel, occupying a luxurious apartment in New York and can not afford to pay one rent. The need for money incite the young to move under the same roof, and after Lauren fails in attempt to get dream job at an advertising agency, decide to join housemate in a business unorthodox involves opening a erotic lines. Katie has loud orgasms and is totally inhibitions and prejudices, so it is detached in the new position of temptation, but Lauren is calm and rational and finds it difficult to use foul language on the phone to excite customers. Under the guidance of new friends, Lauren learns to lie about their underwear she wears and sensual moan on the phone like a professional prostitute. Problems arise when someone tries to undermine business profitable girls and conservatives Lauren’s parents come to visit and are shocked that they find sex toys scattered throughout the house and scandalous messages on the answering machine.

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