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Gottes mächtige Dienerin

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1918. The young nun Pascalina is sent to Munich to be the apostolic nuncio Eugenio Pacelli housekeeper. Although at first glance Pascalina and Eugenio does not have much in common, shortly after a man is impressed with the sincerity, alertness and energy Pascaline. While negotiating the concordat with Bavaria and Prussia, Pacelli welcome comments nun and her modern views.

In 1929 when Cardinal Pacelli is promoted and learns that Pascalina must give up this information disturbs him more. The man reaches the Vatican where women’s access is prohibited. However, shortly after, she becomes the first woman in history Pascalina that allows her to stay at the Vatican. It becomes an official member of the house of Pascelli, which is why Cardinal still have to cope with intrigues and rumors.

After some time Pascelli elected Pope and bore the name of Pope Pius XII.

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