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Hannah Arendt


The film is called “Hannah Arendt”, although it does not surprise than an episode in the life of the eponymous main character: the process from Jerusalem to take part. Adolf Eichmann’s trial, the commander of deportations of Jews to camps in Hungary, Germany, Poland, France. Peak Hannah Hebrew origin, arrives to defend this man, sparking a fierce revolt among friends, family, countrymen, etc.

You will see the film at least two fascinating characters: Hannah Arendt, independent, able to maintain think when everyone revolts against it and think, clear that the one who wiped out half the people of which it is part, Hebrew people, is a simple bureaucrat – almost innocent. The second is Adolf Eichmann himself – who led the extermination operation and, in the process, seems a simple man, calm, serene, with an almost clean conscience. The film offers a true life lesson: support your beliefs, opinions, whatever they arouse revolt. Be yourself, whatever!

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