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The film tells the story of Nick Di Santo (Luke Kleintank) who is tormented by paranormal ability to see exactly how someone will die after you touch. On the 23rd anniversary of his Nick is summoned by his mother (Lesley-Anne Down) located in a home where he was institutionalized since childhood Nick.

Initially he goes to asylum in the hope that his mother will recover from his madness, but it is from his father, whom he thought dead, is alive and is due to his ability. After a touching mother sees it will die in flames.

All his childhood, Nick was haunted by the image of an unknown house that drew her always. After his mother’s death from a lawyer is that he has inherited a house that closely resembled that of his nightmares. He goes to find her and his father, accompanied by his best friend Ryan (Anthony Rey Perez) and girlfriend Eve (Alex McKenna).

Nick finally found home, but gets in the middle of a bloody battle between the forces of good and evil and is and who is really his father.

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