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Hell or High Water

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Two brothers from Texas, Toby (Chris Pine), and Tanner (Ben Foster), reunite after years in a row in which roads were separated, to rob the bank branches that the enforcement of their family business. For them, looting are not only a last desperate resort to put away the future that he has been kidnapped.
For a time it seemed that the revenge goes smooth, but everything changes as soon as the investigation enters a Texas ranger, Marcus (Jeff Bridges), who, in turn, seeks to make the last great “catch” in before they retire, aided by his partner’s half-indian Comanche, Alberto (Gil Birmingham).
When the brothers invent a plan for one last heist to collect all the money, already with police on their trail, so everything turns into a bloody cavalcade in which modern values are interwoven with those of the traditional and the new West will face off against the old West, leaving behind the loss of life.

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