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Hellraiser: Revelations

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Two very good friends, Steven Craven and Nico Bradley inexplicably run away from home and travel to Mexico. Here are some few days of partying, drink and women until one evening when attacked in their room by a man who had needles stuck into everything skull. Mexican authorities boys disappear and things finally returned to their parents, including a recording made by Steven, showing, apparently, the last moments of their lives.

Although for a year no one sees the movie apart from Steven’s mother, Emma, ​​sister boy sneaks into her mother’s room and looking through things sent by the authorities, wanting to know what really happened. Besides the movie, she finds a puzzle black and gold, which begins to play while the recording. But Emma does not realize that simple game that could bring the end, being a gateway to the realm cenobites … where the boys are still struggling to escape.

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