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I Don’t Know How She Does It

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Meet Kate Reddy (Sarah Jessica Parker) – wife, mother, career woman and juggler par excellence. Kate’s life is shaken, but otherwise great. It has a wonderful husband, Richard (Greg Kinnear), an architect who has just been released on their own. It has two adorable children, Emily (Emma Rayne Lyle), who turned six, and Ben (Theodore and Julius Goldberg), a kid who loves more than anything in the world. And he has a job he likes, as investment manager of the Boston branch of the financial companies in New York.

Kate travels frequently for work, but manages to take care of school and extra-curricular activities of his daughter as any mother a housewife. Colleges, knowledge and relatives say the same thing when talking about Kate’s ability to make them all so easy: “i do not know how she does it.” It’s a question that Kate greeted with a polite smile, while her colleague and best friend, Allison (Christina Hendricks), raised ironic eyebrows.

But reality is different: Kate does not remember since he has had uninterrupted sleep at night, and her to-do list is a continuous expansion. Sometimes reach the desk accessorized with traces of sumptuous breakfast, to the horror of her colleague younger Momo (Olivia Munn), who is workaholic, does not bear children but is silent Milcah when it comes to her own family to colleagues male. A dinner with Richard is created by the microwave oven, the pie and cakes for sale at Emily’s school is the result of the need to defeat the native fault and gives rise to a strange invention …

After years and years of consistent hard work, get to work Kate victory when her proposal for a new investment is enthusiastically received by the head company in New York, Abelhammer Jack (Pierce Brosnan). It comes with news and best: he wants to present the proposal to a very important client. But once the presentation is too close, and that means for Klata that will have to spend even more time away from home, to prepare every detail with Jack, just in New York. Home, Richard also has good news: he received his first contract as independent, and it’s one of those moments that decides his future in his new career choices. So Kate Redding and start juggling on a high wire, and thin …

Based on the novel of great success I DO NOT KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT, the new title translated do not know how he, the film is a comedy about a mother whose life depends on daily list of duties. Directed by Douglas McGrath (EMMA), produced by Donna Gigliotti (SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE) and adapted for Aline Brosh McKenna big screen (The Devil Wears Prada), i do not know how she does it is starring Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City), Pierce Brosnan (MAMMA MIA!), Greg Kinnear (LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE), Christina Hendricks ( “Mad Men”), Kelsey Grammer ( “Frasier”), Seth Meyers ( “Saturday Night Live”), Olivia Munn ( “The Daily Show”) and Jane Curtin (I LOVE YOU, MAN).

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