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In Secret

Thérèse, a motherless beautiful girl is forced by her aunt to marry selfish and first cousin Camille, feeling trapped in a marriage without love and falling in love with the charismatic Laurent Leclaire, with the plans to kill the husband to be able to live freely love story. The plot works, and Camille is drowned in the lake and removed from the equation, but his ghost continues to harass the two criminals to the point that Laurent can not paint any painting the human figure does not lend victim characteristics, and Thérèse can not make love with former lover, which meanwhile has formalized their relationship, without feeling the presence of Camille in the master bedroom. Enmity against one another and coming to detest because of feelings of guilt, Thérèse and Laurent intends to kill each other, especially that committed the mistake of confessing to the murder of his paralyzed mother Camille. Accusing eyes of the old, and the only ones I can move after two strokes attacks they suffered from pain caused by the death of his son, and he hated them on Thérèse and Laurent crazy.

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