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Ivan the Terrible


When young Ivan IV is crowned, he must choose one of the 13 daughters of Boierului to his wife and become dust. He chooses Anastasia and the two fall in love madly. When boyars are plotting against him and poisoned his beloved wife, Tsar Ivan finds himself surrounded by enemies. Haunted by dark thoughts and ghosts, he sinks slowly into madness.

Backed by Prokofiev composed music for Eisenstein’s film 1944, Ivan the Terrible is a work in true style Bolshoi. Fascinating and powerful Yuri Grigorovich epic brings about the controversial reign of Ivan the Terrible and depicts the events of 16th century Russia in scenes of great visual beauty. The choreography full of strength, power and wild jumps, includes a great grace and fragility in female roles. A powerful mix of classic dance sensitive creates a lyrical epic in bright colors of medieval Russia.

Recently rediscovered, Ivan the Terrible is one of the main productions of company’s repertoire, a classic work of the 20th century and a wonderful theatrical experience.

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