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J. Edgar

Throughout his lifetime, J. Edgar Hoover was to become the most powerful man in the stage wings of US policy. As head of the FBI for almost 50 years, nothing got in his way, to protect the country. Resisting change the course of 3 8 presidents and wars, Hoover fought desperately to prevent the dangers which referred to the country, taking attitude even in the face of false threats.

Although his methods were as ruthless as it is heroic, Hoover actually found its pleasure in arousing the admiration of those around him. A man who knew how to appreciate secrets, especially those of others, Hoover never feared to use the information you have, even against the country’s leaders. Realizing that information is power and that fear can generate multiple opportunities, the head of the FBI has used this strategy to gain unprecedented influence and a formidable reputation, almost untouchable.

Directed by Clint Eastwood and Leonardo Di Caprio’s interpretation, J.Edgar tell the real story of public life, but a human and personal as strong as it is controversial, January 20, in theaters.

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