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Jack and Jill


Jack would lead an almost perfect life if it would have to bear a very troublesome exception that it falls on the head holidays – his twin sister – Jill. Each year he must bear annoying Thanksgiving visit of his sister, who does not have much to give her life completely upside down. As her weekend visit threatens to turn into a stay of one month, the twins are fighting more and more, it teases, attacking, only twins know how they do it. When it becomes increasingly clear that Jill has no plan to leave, Jack implement several schemes which it hopes will put to flight, causing Jill to return where he likes Jack knowing it – in other end of the country.

Columbia Pictures present a Happy Madison / Broken Road, the movie Jack and Jill, in which the main roles are held by Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes and Al Pacino. Directed by Dennis Dugan’s film belongs. Production is signed by Adam Sandler, Jack Giarraputo and Todd Garner. The script belongs to Steve Koren & Adam Sandler. The story is written by Ben Zook. The executive producers are Barry Bernardi, Bettina Viviano, Allen Covert, Steve Koren, Robert Smigel and Tim Herlihy. The image is performed by Dean Cundey, ASC, production designer Perry Andelin Blake of. Installation is provided by Tom Costain. Costume designer Ellen Lutter is. The music is by Rupert Gregson-Williams and Waddy Wachtel. Musical assembly is conducted by Michael Dilbeck, Brooks Arthur and Kevin Grady.

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