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John Wick

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When former killer is bound by a Russian mobster to reenter the game, he hunts opponents, ruthless and tenacious, like the time when these traits transformed him into a legend of the underworld. John Wick is a story of revenge and repentance that takes place in a New York brilliant, but imaginary, starring starring Keanu Reeves, winner of the World Stunt Award (International Award for best stunt).

After the sudden death of his beloved wife, John Wick (Reeves) receives a final gift from her: a young beagle – a puppy named Daisy, and a note asking them not to forget to love. But grief and sorrow of John are interrupted by Russian mobster, Joseph sadistic Tarasov (Alfie Allen), who falls in love irrevocably John’s car, a Boss Mustang, made in 1969. Because John refuses to sell the car, Joseph and his gealaţii Mustang take them by force, fall upon him in the house beating him to unconsciousness and killing her little Daisy. Without realizing it, they had awakened the most cruel killer who ever existed in the underworld.

John searches to recover the car, drive it in an area of New York City that tourists never see and where no community revolves super-secret and violent underworld where John Wick had once been the most cruel . After learning that his attacker is only son of a former associate of his Russian mafia villain, Viggo Tarasov (Michael Nyqvist), John decides to take revenge. When he learns that the legendary hit man pursues his son, Viggo announces that provides a generous reward those who will be able to capture or kill John.

With a veritable army at his heels, John is again ruthlessly killing machine, to which the whole world tremble underworld, launching themselves into a life and death battle with Viggo and his mercenaries.

In John Wick we will see Keanu Reeves (The Matrix trilogy, Speed), Michael Nyqvist (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Alfie Allen (“Game of Thrones,” Plastic), Adrianne Palicki (GI Joe : Retaliation, Red Dawn), Bridget Moynahan (“Blue Bloods,” Coyote Ugly), Dean Winters (“Rescue Me,” “30 Rock”), Lance Reddick (The Guest, “Fringe”), Toby Leonard Moore (“Underbelly “), Ian McShane (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” Deadwood “), John Leguizamo (Ice Age, Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet) and Willem Dafoe (A Most Wanted Man, The Grand Budapest Hotel).

The film is directed by Chad Stahelski, from a screenplay written by Derek Kolstad. Producers are Basil Iwanyk, David Leitch, Eva Longoria and Michael Witherill. The executive producers are Peter Lawson, Mike Upton, Joseph Vincenti, Erica Lee, Kevin Frakes, Raj Singh, Tara Moross, Darren Blumenthal, Jared D. Underwood, Andrew C. Robinson and Sam X. Eyde. Director of photography Jonathan Sela is, and production designer Dan Leigh. Installation was provided by Elisabet Ronalds and costumes by Luca Mosca. Doug Monticciolo, Jamie Wing and Noel Lohr are co-producers. Music was composed by Tyler Bates and Joel J. Richard, Le Castle Vania intakes. Musical arrangement was made by John Houlihan. Jake Braver was coordinator for visual effects. Distribution was provided by Suzanne Smith Crowley and Jessica Kelly.

The film is presented by Summit Entertainment, Thunder Road, in collaboration with 87Eleven MJW Productions and Films, alăpturi of DefyNite Films.


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