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Three teenagers having fun, apparently, very well in children’s oncology department on the fourth floor of a huge hospital. Nick (14) and Iwan (15) and a leg lost as a result of cancer. For their friend Olivier (16) amputation seems to be the next step. The fourth boy, Pepijn (15), is very ill and weak, so spends the majority in the chamber. Friendship and blind desire to live keeps the boys in a balanced mental state. And of course that interests vis-a-vis girls makes them look most ordinary teenagers. They make jokes on their disease and are “sick”. Even if you can not walk, organized raluiri mad along the halls of the hospital in their wheel chairs.
Their friendship has suffered, however, appears Gina (16). All the boys are trying to curry favor, but Gina did not seem to pay attention until he realizes that life in hospital can be more exciting and joyful company of friends.

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