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“Given starring Jason Patric, Isabella Rossellini and Udo Kier, Keyhole is a journey dream-like memory protagonist who explores the emotional ties of people with their sufferings in the past. A pastiche of film noir gangster of the 1940s, the film is loosely inspired by Homer’s Odyssey tells the story of a father and missed gangster Ulysses Pick, who returns home after a long absence. man tangled corridors must cross to reach the room where his wife waits quietly.

The psyche of the protagonist is also labyrinthine corridors of the house haunted by ghosts tortuous and painful memories. Plan material intertwines with that emotionally and spiritually in an exploration of the psychological impact that has on each of us domestic space. Maddin explains: “Every room in the house where you grew awakens certain feelings; we all live in the present and the past simultaneously.”

Wherever are revisited rooms revive those memories. The time is not linear, but at the same time. Past and present coexist; The deceased and those left alive are in the same room. Death is a state permeable, not the final one. “(Diana Mereoiu)

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