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The adaptation of the famous novel written by Ursula Krechel tells the true story of members of a Jewish-Christian family who survived persecution and exile under the Nazis and return to Germany after the war to try and get it over. But the traumatized parents and children who grew up in England struggled to adapt to life in post-war Germany. Part I Berlin 1938. Richard and Claire Kornitzer are an elegant couple. He is a famous judge who, although young, is judging some very important cases. Claire is a much-styled modern woman who set up a commercial movie company. Never did Richard think he was a Jew – until recently. Now, Richard was kicked out of the bar and Claire lost his company. They decide to send their children, George (8 years) and Selma (5 years) abroad to be safe. Shortly after, Richard gets a visa for Cuba and must leave Claire alone in Berlin. The Gestapo confiscates the latter, and so she can not pay for the visa to leave and becomes a safe target for a Gestapo captain. While Richard is struggling to adapt to exile in Cuba, children come to an orphanage in England when the war begins by believing that their mother is dead.

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