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“The Singer / Lavoe” is a drama based on the life of singer Hector Lavoe in the town of Ponce in Puerto Rico. Lavoe salsa music launched the current and then promoted him to the US in 1975, famous for this style of music. He was nicknamed “La Voz / The Voice” and “El Cantante / Singer”.

Héctor Juan Pérez Martínez was able to sing in a band in the first week after his sister moved to New York. In 1973 he began his solo career after the late 60s had children with two women who had relationships simultaneously. By 1992, his last appearance on stage was considered a big star of salsa music, with over 20 solo albums out or Willie Colon Orchestra. His life was full of dramatic events from the death of children before age 18 he’s HIV positive diagnosis to being infected with HIV.

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