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Lindenfeld lovestory


In Frankfurt the year 2005 , Ulrich ( Ulli ) Winkler , president of a large company ( Victor Rebenciuc ) sees on TV a story about a former Saxon village of Banat , now abandoned. This is Lindenfeld , where he was born and lived Ulli until 1945 , when most members of the community, including his parents and his girlfriend then, Helga , were deported to Soviet labor camps , witnessing dramatic events in a flashback that shift from idyllic when the foreground is the game of the two lovers , the sadistic and grotesque frame when entering grobienii representatives of the new government , imposed by the East .

In this action , six decades after he fled to Germany and began to make a fortune , trying to erase the memory of his ties with Romania , Ulli is strongly influenced by the images seen by the accidental reunion with a former villager , that says Helga lives so decide , together with Boris , his old servant and faithful friend to go secretly to Lindenfeld . There’s a cruel finds his lover in his youth (Victoria Cocias ) , who recounts with a very bitter humor , horrors endured by the villagers of the past: some died of hunger and cold in the camp ( and her parents ) while others have started issuing in 1950 to return home and be deported again , this time in Calandra , where they found the end (like his parents ) .

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