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Your Love Never Fails

Laura Hackett Conners and Dylan decide to divorce. Laura, bank manager occupied moves with her daughter, Kelsey, from New York to restart their lives after separating from her husband, who still lives in Texas.

Laura was so preoccupied with her job that she forgot to sign the divorce papers. Six years since Laura and Kelsey moved to New York, Dylan saw his daughter only on special occasions. Finally, Dylan is satisfied with the situation they are in and sues for custody of their daughter Laura, forcing her to return to Texas.

At the hearing, Dylan and Laura begin to quarrel, so the Texas Judicial Court granted a reflection period to give the couple a chance to think about what is most important to their daughter, Kelsey. Judge determines custody hearing for February 14 is Valentine’s Day. Now Laura, Dylan and Kelsey were on Valentine’s to remember what made such a loving family and take a decision that would make all three happy.

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