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Ben Keller shy developed obsessive passion to St. Lucy Martin since he met her in kindergarten, but the woman of his dreams is unapproachable and evade it, even if you do not know the man others who work in the office is a serial killer whose bloodlust is satiated only by killing blond resembles the subject’s condition.

After murdering another victim and hiding in the closet, Ben takes possession of a lottery ticket bought by it and wins the grand prize worth 36 million dollars, and once it becomes richer than he ever imagined Lucy begins to see him in a different light and agrees to marry him in less than two months.

During the honeymoon spent in Hawaii, Ben Keller feels the urge to kill and elects the victim a housekeeper hotel blonde Lucy being a witness to a crime, but taking the decision to keep secret and you become complicit husband to ensure no loss of property. Returning home in Iowa, Lucy get your hands on the shovel and dig up more bodies in the backyard of the house of Ben, but transporting them to the family car to another location and buries them again without having to inform the detective Harold Waylon on her terrifying discovery.

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