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Frank Zito owns a shop mannequins and overnight recruit young women on the Internet, pursued them and kill them scalpează the most terrifying methods. Having hallucinations that forces him to return to the past, to the time he was abused by his mother, Frank feels that retaliates against it whenever murdered another victim in his mind sick springing the idea of ​​dressing the mannequins with hair victims and to dim the apartment with them. Although it was his own mother ill-treated, Frank longs since she died in a car accident and was trying to prevent her from leaving by projecting its image on the dummies.

When Anna D’Antoni makes a photo in the park, Frank Zito pursues and befriends her, but the girl chosen that looked a whole life or just next victim criminaluilui serial psychopath? Anna is a talented artist, but the offender to appear on the verge Frank’s house to ask her to help organize its her new exhibition. As to Anna Frank’s obsession grows, it becomes clear that she has unwittingly unleashed a desire to kill that man mentally disturbed repressed a long time.

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