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Steve Hutchenson (Chick Bernhard), National Bank Manager Hubert gives a woman a older portfolio, and leads her toward the exit. At that time, four individuals performing in bikinis in Kevlar, mitraliind Office will fall all around. They are Hurricanes, Tornado, Thunder and Nikky. Thunder let out a gun and start hitting to the left and to the right of the Bank’s employees; on smart watch enables a bleak command: open the tray, do not activate the alarm, otherwise your manager an die

. Special agent Jonathan Montgomery (Christopher MELONI) has many years of experience that has seen everything can be worse in a man. But no way affect more than one i.e., who scored on a personal level, and that it made you wonder if he is able to abide by the oath that made him, to comply with the law.

Jeffrey Hubert (Bruce WILLIS), meld the financial success and power features as owner and Chairman of the National Bank, Hubert. Receives news of the robbery without showing any emotion, because he knows that he has the resources to turn that to punish anyone who dare to steal from him.

Special agent investigating the case together with Montgomery officials of Greg Stockwell (Dave BAUTISTA) and Chase (Lydia HULL), who joins rookie agent and former Marine Michael Wells (Adrian GRENIER).

By following the threads of the investigation, they begin to uncover a conspiracy that was mușamalizată with money and corruption. Montgomery finds herself forced to fight with corruption and abuse of the local police, but also with the press who ask for quick results. Together with his team leading a battle against time to catch the robbers, whose extreme violence turns the city into a war zone.

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