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Marie Krøyer


The early 20th century, is married March Dane P.S. Kroyer, a world famous painter. In Denmark, they are one of the most admired and popular couples. All the important people of the time – politicians, businessmen, noble, writers, researchers and even those of Royal House – want a portrait done by Kroyer and painter can ask any price he wants. To have a portrait done by Kroyer is a great honor and prestige means. Marie, who appears in several of his paintings Kroyer, is considered “the most beautiful woman in Europe”. Both she and her daughter Vibeke live only bright side of life, partying and luxury. Or so it appears on the surface, behind appearances because their life is hell. Kroyer’s syphilis and has bursts of manic-depressive. Marie and Vibeke in relation to the man he turns cheerful and relaxed into a monster that knows no limits.

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