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The film is inspired by a true story – that of Billy Beane former baseball player (played by Brad Pitt) – who failed to be the best on the field according to their laths, gives up and becomes manager of the Oakland Athletics team. But the championship in 2002, Billy faces a very problematic situation: the best players leave the team, attracted by the salaries offered by the big clubs. The players who remain are forced to settle for a third of salary.

But Billy is ambitious and determined to win the championship. In order to complete the team, he appeals to Peter Brand (Jonah Hill interpreted), a young economist smart, educated at Yale. Together, they apply a totally unconventional way in the world of baseball: forming a team using statistics and computer. Thus, they discover very talented players, but who had been ignored or rejected by other clubs because there are very young, they have a difficult character or were injured on the ground. Billy and Peter approaches in opposition and irritates everyone – from “old guard” of baseball and ending with the media and fans. But in the end, the experiment will be successful and will revolutionize the sport.

Columbia Pictures presents Moneyball / Art of defeat, production Scott Rudin / Michael De Luca / Rachael Horovitz, directed by Bennett Miller’s. Steven Zaillian script is conducted by Aaron Sorkin and after the novel by Michael Lewis. The filmmakers are Michael De Luca, Rachael Horovitz and Brad Pitt, and executive producers Scott Rudin, Andrew Karsch, Sidney Kimmel and Mark Bakshi. Wally Pfister photography is, production designer Jess Gonchor Editor is Christopher Tellefsen. The costumes are created by Kasia Maimone Walicka and soundtrack composed by Mychael Danna is.

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