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Mr. Turner

Mr. Turner tells the story of British painter specializing in landscapes engineering and marine scenes. The film tensions and contrasts between this man and his work timeless mortal, between fragility and strength.

Turner (1775-1851) is pursued over the last 25 years of his life, everyday life: the artist painted in the studio, wandering through seaside towns, felt his housekeeper beachfront courting a lady working-class hesitation dealing with personal problems and meets with other members of the Royal Academy. The first time is seen in the Netherlands, where sketch studying light and at the same time, Rembrandt’s works.

Back in London, he is cared for by his father, William Turner Snr. (Paul Jesson), a former hairdresser. Turner’s laconic nature contrasts with precious language of the young art critic John Ruskin (Joshua Maguire) when Ruskin debate the strengths and weaknesses of Claude Lorraine, Turner’s answer is simple: ask them to choose who prefer table …

Turner is set to work vigorously to finish one of his paintings, “Staffa, Fingal’s Cave”. A large group of artists gather around him and all fascinated him as ostentatious paint, smears, sputters and spits as cloth and blowing a strange brown powder over it. A mountain, a valley, a rock formation rugged, dramatic sky. Turner is among wild. In rural areas, Turner is inspired by a new generation engine drivers who tow cars, and returned to his studio in London painting “Rain, Steam and Speed”. We are now in the Victorian era. Four short scenes describing atitudininile philistine against Turner’s works with a look of increasingly radical and abstract.

Queen Victoria made a private visit to the Royal Academy, together with Prince Albert. Seeing two of Turner’s paintings, horror and disgust they express. Turner hears and sneaks out devastated. Subsequently regse┼čte its inspiration in an old fishing village, with a woman with a contagious vitality and strength, Ms Booth (Marion Bailey). Also in this town meets for the first time with a camera and ravaged reflections on the fact that this device could become more important than painting.

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