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My Way


Two young aristocrat Tatsuo Hasegawa Japanese and Korean Kim Jun Shik, is both the Japanese army in a bloody battle against the Chinese and Soviets. Jun-shik is there under duress, while Tatsuo is a powerful colonel.
After both are taken prisoner by the Soviets, we find that the youth were rivals in marathon races, such as mutual hatred and distrust turns into a violence that is only stopped by the horrors of war. Forced to fight for the Soviets, the two eventually learn to rely on each other for the survival.
They arrive in Germany where they are separated and forced to fight for the Nazis. Eventually both go through many events but survive and meet again on the beach of Normandy, and may come along in history fighting a fierce battle last before the Allies to land in the famous D-Day.
The film is based on a true story.

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