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Need for speed

Inspired by the most successful video game machines, video Need for Speed ​​3D brings real world virtual racing adrenaline and freedom, raising the passion for cars and races with hundreds of horsepower. Being in a constant rush on American roads, the protagonist goes from revenge to redemption, taking the audience breathless from beginning to end.

Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul), a dependent mechanical engineering and illegal racing, doing everything possible to keep open the family business. Thus, parteneriaza with Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper), a former NASCAR driver, as rich as it is arrogant. After a race that can save you from bankruptcy, Tobey is sent to prison after his partner betrays. Once released, he is determined to take revenge, and the only way to succeed is to defeat the Dino in a stakes race immense underground.

A high octane action, Need for Speed ​​3D impress with powerful machines, racing against time, chases, explosions and adrenaline in March on the big screen.

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