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Night Will Fall

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Each of us hopes that will not be obliged to mount the footage that I watched him, says one of the former editors of the film by Sidney Bernstein. In 1945, when the Second World War ends, Bernstein produce a film that simultaneously recording history and making history.

Allied armies issuing Nazi concentration camps reveals the whole horror of the crimes that occurred there. Bernstein is commissioned to produce a “systematic registration” of the facts. Cameramen British, American and Soviet involved in the project are trained to shoot so that the veracity resulting material shall not be questioned: it requires, for example, favoring general plans and zoom extensive and filming close-up corpses – this the latter being contravened customary practice of war journalism.

Six months after receiving approval as the European political landscape are turning in the direction that will lead later to the Cold War, the project is closed and the material deposited in the archives of the Imperial War Museum in London. In 2014, Imperial War Museum has restored the material and director André Singer initiated recovery project that became the movie front. Each national cinema has its own repertoire of films that deliberately silent. British cinema, the file number F3080 Imperial War Museum archive is certainly the worst case of deliberate silence.

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